Get the most customizable portfolio — ever.

Custom laser engraving available.

Your paper, cardstock and even fabric swatches are fully editable with LuxBind portfolios. Print out your stack, place it under the bar and hand-tighten the screws. Then release the tension in the screws and hand off the stack to the client or interviewer for their convenience. No tools required. And more customizing opportunities to build your brand.

​No other binding systems allow for this much customization while retaining a level of sophistication. ​​LuxBind portfolios features a flexible hinged cover. We will provide laser-engraving services, too. Acrylic versions will also be offered in various colors, patterns and textures upon special request.

​​Convenient editing on the fly.

​LuxBind portfolios are made to last and even wind resistant. When traveling, it’s always great to know that you can easily remove or insert pages without disrupting the order of your presentation. You won’t even need to worry about injury from any rings closing down on your hands or running out of insert pages or adhesive strips. It even doubles as an easel, if you plan to sketch your trip memories on the ride home.

No matter your industry or style, LuxBind takes your presentation up several notches. It’s as unique as you are. It shows you’re practical though aware of the sensible image you project. You’ll wonder why you used those other presentation books for so long.

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LuxBind Portfolios kit versions
LuxBind Portfolios kit versions

Pick your size and clamp's material —

2 sizes now available: One accommodates 8.5"x11" paper stacks. The other is for 11” x 17” paper. See Materials page on this site for more details. Choose either an aluminum or bamboo clamp. It will firmly hold 5-75 pages of 20 lb. text stock and will also accommodate some fabrics of course other paper stock. • The small bamboo backing board measures 10.25" x 12.5". The large one is 12.5" x 17.25" • One 2 mm thick Mylar cover protects the stack and is easily laser-engraved with no harmful VOC fumes. Custom laser available upon request. • One set of threaded D-ring bolt and fixed screw post are included and made of stainless steel. D-ring folds flat against the bar when not in use. • No tools required. • Patented. Made in Portland, Oregon USA. SHIPPED BY GROUND BASED ON WEIGHT (calculated at checkout). Please email to request rush deliveries (extra fees apply):  
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• Accommodates both sizes of LuxBind Portfolios.

• Interior pocket for notebook or tablet devices.

• Shockcord flap opens for easy access.

• Fits beneath airplane seats.

• Third buckle let's you carry vertically or horizontally (great for bicyclists).

• Exterior pocket for phone, power cords, business cards, pens, etc.

• Customizable for corporate or school orders.

• Finished size: 13” x 20” x 2”

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