LB_TravelCase Inserting V2 LoResCaring for your LuxBind is simple. You can expect to have it for years and maybe even pass it on to your family and friends.

CLEANING — Although the bamboo board is treated with a special low-VOC finish, smudges will happen. We recommend just rubbing the dirt off with a moist soft rag. If it still doesn’t come out, try a tiny bit of caster oil. Just be sure you rub all the oil off the bamboo. Please only use water to clean the aluminum clamp and dry it completely. Smudges on the Mylar can be cleaned with a soft rag and water. Do not use window cleaner like ammonia.

CARE — As with any art supply product, never expose your LuxBind to excessive moisture or direct light including sunlight for more than a few hours at a time. Although bamboo is a grass, it does fade or darken as all wood will. It’s best to carry your LuxBind in a case, so you don’t scratch the cover or bang it up. Wholesale orders for the LuxBind Travel Case are available at this time: