Kudos from Savannah College of Art & Design grad

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greg-crimmins_scad-gradGreg Crimmins, illustrator and Fine Artist from Atlanta, Georgia had this to say about his LuxBind:

“While in my last quarter at Savannah College of Art and Design, I did an extensive amount of research to try to find the perfect portfolio to fit my artistic needs. After comparing and contrasting all my options, I knew LuxBind was the fit for me. The sleek and effective design makes it simple to add prints on the go and removed the hassle of adding sleeves or adhesive strips. I’m able to say I’m proud of my portfolio and I’m ready to present it to whomever is asking to take a look.”

Thanks Greg! We’re glad to know you see the value of presenting your work in the best way possible. Please share the word.

– LuxBind Portfolios LLC