Art supply dealers and buyers, this is for you.

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Hello to Store Buyers & Dealers —

When was the last time you assembled a screwpost or ring-binder portfolio? No wonder so many creatives and business presenters have made the switch to only digital! This is 2017! Your current presentation products take too long to assemble, are outdated….and good luck customizing them with every brand edit. Start offering what they want: No sleeved inserts, no hole-punching or mounting! As fast as digital!

Also, LuxBinds are made with the materials sophisticated, sustainability-minded creatives most prefer — natural bamboo, anodized aluminum, etc. — when displaying their best printed work, even fabrics. At a lower price point than other sophisticated lines and no need for accessories.

Newly patented portfolio system: Instant assembly: just print and clamp. No more hole punching or inserts and they firmly hold up to 50 pages of 20 lb. paper, more than enough. Editable without the need to rearrange order of pages. No tools needed. And, you can feature our 20-second LuxBind Assembly Video on your website to educate customers and faculty on these benefits.

Greater satisfaction. More referrals. Fewer returns! Customers are thrilled to get and use their LuxBinds. They offer more customizable features than any other system available. Leading art school professors recommend them, too. Customers have the flexibility of sliding in their own covers made from cardstock, leather or fabrics to tailor each presentation.

Less stocking issues of product line: Order as needed with low minimums. Display one and stack the rest. No need to add messy accessories to the shelves either since none are needed.

Sustainable, natural materials appeal to creatives! Stop offering them phony veneers, crinkly acetate inserts. Plus, LuxBinds are built to last and change for the brand, so this extends the product’s life.

Used by non-creatives as sales kits, tracing, sketching, etc: Expand your reach to these customers, too.

Made in Portland, Oregon USA: Creating jobs in the U.S.A.

Back to School time is here!

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It’s the time many college and university students return to classes. And, their teachers are suggesting more than just digital presentation of their work. They encourage customized portfolios that enable each student to showcase their own style and brand.  LuxBind Portfolios are just what’s needed and endorsed by leading design professors. Watch this short video to see how easy they are to assemble:

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This is the time of year to spoil yourself or your creative friend, family member or colleague. But how? Maybe with a patented way to present printed materials and fabrics. Custom crafted in Portland, Oregon, LuxBind Portfolios enable you to stop hole-punching your work, end the dependance and dated look of sleeved inserts and make a lasting impression when showing tangible items. Just clamp it nicely and quickly without the fuss.

Use them as slim sales kits, portfolios, work-in-progress documents you can mark up or even as sketchpads since they’ll hold letter- or tabloid sized sheets — up to 75 sheets of 20 lb. text stock! Great for fold-outs, pop-ups and 3D items.

Order online before 12/31/2016 at and also get 25% off all LuxBind kits and FREE shipping. Just use COUPON CODE: “LBDEC2016”.

Beat the Christmas rush and score a sweet deal!

Happy holidays to all of current LuxBind owners!


Kudos from Savannah College of Art & Design grad

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greg-crimmins_scad-gradGreg Crimmins, illustrator and Fine Artist from Atlanta, Georgia had this to say about his LuxBind:

“While in my last quarter at Savannah College of Art and Design, I did an extensive amount of research to try to find the perfect portfolio to fit my artistic needs. After comparing and contrasting all my options, I knew LuxBind was the fit for me. The sleek and effective design makes it simple to add prints on the go and removed the hassle of adding sleeves or adhesive strips. I’m able to say I’m proud of my portfolio and I’m ready to present it to whomever is asking to take a look.”

Thanks Greg! We’re glad to know you see the value of presenting your work in the best way possible. Please share the word.

– LuxBind Portfolios LLC

Major endorsement of LuxBind by acclaimed creative!

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One Show Hall of Fame 2015 inductee, Allan Beaver, has endorsed LuxBind Portfolios and highly recommends it to the seniors at High Point University in North Carolina, one of the nations top art colleges. For those who don’t know, The One Show is probably the most honorable annual for those in the ad biz. In 1988, Advertising Age named Allan’s agency, LHS&B, as Agency of the Year. Mr. Beaver has also served as President of The One Club and The Art Director’s Club of New York.

Allan told us the following:

“LuxBind portfolios present a more contemporary vehicle for presenting design work. It is well-designed, functional and many of my students prefer this portfolio to the ubiquitous black zippered portfolio.”

Read about Allan’s distinguished recognition here.

Everyone involved with LuxBind Portfolios LLC couldn’t feel more honored to receive Allan’s support. Thank you also to the students at High Point U!

Kudos from college graduate, Annie Slaughter

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Annie Slaughter, an interior designer in GeorgiaAnnieSlaughter, received a LuxBind as a college graduation gift:

“Got back home last night to find the LuxBind waiting for me. It looks amazing! I can’t wait to get back to school and show it off to my classmates. The bamboo is really clean and sharp looking, and the logo on the Mylar cover is the perfect touch! Thanks so much for all of this!

Definitely keep me updated on the case that you mentioned for the portfolio!”

-Annie Slaughter

Another happy customer

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Allan-Rosen-1 Allan-Rosen-2

It's always great seeing customers' unique work within each LuxBind they buy and use.
It’s always great seeing customers’ unique work within each LuxBind they buy and use.

Arizona photographer, Allan Rosen-Ducat, purchased three large LuxBind Portfolios to present his work. LuxBind was able to ship all of them right away, so he could showcase them at an event in Palm Springs, CA.

The testimonials are coming in

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Laser-engraved Mylar cover by LuxBind Portfolios LLC for Melissa Nece
Laser-engraved Mylar cover by LuxBind Portfolios LLC for Melissa Nece

“Luxbind Portfolios is a very classy way to present samples of my artwork – while its elegant simplicity is also wonderfully practical. The smaller sized version may suit most artists, but the larger format is great for showing off the details in single prints of my large drawings, while also providing space to group multiple smaller images on other pages. And of course, I can choose my favorite papers for these image prints. I love that the pages can be easily removed and rearranged as the number of pages grows, changing their order so the relationships between my artworks is clearer. Seeing it, another artist assumed I was showing original drawings – and that would be another use for the Luxbind.

An artist’s portfolio is always a work in progress. The Luxbind Portfolio makes it easy to keep up that progress while showing off the work elegantly and simply.”


Melissa Miller Nece, colored pencil artist